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Latest News

An Important Notice from the Village of Kaslo has been issued regarding the use of the Kaslo Airport trails. They are encouraging Trailblazer members to use the paths at the ends of the pavement and not to cross the strip itself. Signs will be installed as well. Letter is available for download here.

Where's the trail work party meeting this week? What events are coming up? How's the fundraising going?

Too much is happening for just one website, so please check out the Kaslo Trailblazers blog.

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Plans for This Year

Complete the Lakeview trail (along Water Street, behind the S.S. Moyie, past the Logger Sports area, the Skate Park, and along the dyke to the highway).

Widen the Kaslo River Trail on the steep hills on the south side.

Finish the guard rail on the hairpin turn from Highway 31 to the Kaslo Trailblazers Bridge.

Raise the Kaslo River Trail on the low spots that flood during spring freshet.

Install directional signage along the north and south sides of the Kaslo River Trail and to the airport.

Ongoing maintenance of the Kaslo River Trail.

Continue fundraising for the 5th Street Suspension Bridge.

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Annual Reports

Annual General Meetings are held in early spring - watch the Pennywise for details.

We encourage you to read our AGM Minutes to see how far we've come and where we want to go next.

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Financial Statements

We are a non-profit society. Less than 2% of our revenues go towards administrative costs.

We're also proud of our ability to raise over $200 000 and enlist the support of more than 100 volunteers and local businesses to build the Kaslo Trailblazers Bridge.

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